Understanding the Differences Between Car Accidents and Truck Accidents

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After being in a truck accident, victims often think the process will be just like the procedure after a car accident. This, unfortunately, isn’t true. Truck accidents are much different than car accident claims, and almost always much more complex. Accident victims can still claim compensation, but it is much more challenging. Those hurt need to speak to an experienced Lancaster truck accident attorney who can fully explain these differences, and help accident victims with their claims. 


Larger Insurance Policies

South Carolina uses a fault-based system when dealing with motor vehicle accidents. This is true for both car accidents and truck accidents. Under the fault system, those hurt in an accident must go through the negligent party’s insurance company to claim compensation. Unlike insurance policies on other cars though, insurance policies covering trucks are worth millions of dollars. 

It’s natural for accident victims to assume this additional coverage will work in their favor. After all, it means they can claim more compensation for their injuries. However, this is much more difficult in a truck accident claim. No insurance company wants to pay out on a large settlement, particularly one that is worth tens of thousands of dollars, or even millions. They will fight back even harder, and try to put the blame on you to reduce the amount they are required to pay. 


Many More Regulations

Drivers are aware of the laws and regulations they must follow on the roads. As such, they are aware of the same regulations that pertain to most other drivers. Truck drivers and trucking companies, though, have hundreds of regulations mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation. 

Individuals hurt in a truck accident are rarely familiar enough with these laws to understand how they were violated. That makes it much more difficult to prove their case and claim the compensation they desperately need. 


Greater Losses

Semi-trucks carrying a full load of cargo can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which is much more than the weight of a passenger vehicle. When they crash into a smaller vehicle, the impact is much greater. Those in the passenger vehicle most often sustain much greater injuries. Some of the most catastrophic injuries that result from truck accidents including paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, and accidental amputations. 

The truck driver or trucking company can still be held liable to fully cover the cost of these injuries, but it’s much more difficult to obtain. This is because accident victims must first understand the full extent of their injuries so they know how much to claim. That takes a great deal of time, as the injured individual must begin treatment, and doctors often have to first compile a full treatment plan. This is the only way to know how much treatment for the injuries will cost now and in the future, and it’s a critical step in a truck accident case.


Truck Accidents Require an Lancaster Personal Injury Lawyer

Another element that makes truck accidents more complicated than car accidents is that they require an intricate knowledge of the trucking industry. Lawyers must understand the many different regulations, and how to deal with both the insurance company and the trucking company. For this reason, many personal injury attorneys aren’t equipped to handle truck accident claims. Accident victims must find a personal injury lawyer in Lancaster who has the necessary experience handling these types of cases. 

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