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If you have been harmed in a truck accident, you may deserve financial compensation. A Rock Hill truck accident lawyer at Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys is here to represent you. Let us fight for you, call us at (803) 324-7574.

At the Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys, we have ample experience as South Carolina personal injury lawyers dealing with tractor-trailer accidents and their consequences.

Truck accidents can be additionally complicated because the trucking companies, supervisors, and contractors may bear responsibility, not just the driver. In addition to calculating all your damages, from lost wages and medical bills to time away from your family and diminished quality of life, we at Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys can help determine exactly who is responsible for your injuries, and how much liability they bear.

Shortly after your accident, the negligent driver’s insurance company or attorney will likely give you a call and make you an offer. It may sound tempting as your bills mount and you’re too injured to return to work. But how can you know if the offer is fair if you’re not sure how much your injuries are worth, or even who should be paying? At Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys, we can help you answer those questions and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve. The truck driver’s attorney is looking out for his clients, not you. Come to the Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys, and let us fight for you.

Who we represent

If you are a:

  • Driver
  • Passenger
  • Pedestrian
  • Bicyclist
  • Other victim

who has been injured in a truck accident in Rock Hill, we can help you seek a fair monetary payment for your losses and harms.

Types of Cases We Handle

Unsecured loads

Trucks haul loads that are measured in tons. A load must be secured safely for transport. It must be balanced so that it doesn’t shift and make the truck uncontrollable. When an unsecured load causes an accident, victims may receive compensation.

Underride accidents

An underride accident occurs when a passenger vehicle travels underneath the belly of the truck in a crash. Because a truck is heavy compared to a motor vehicle, occupants of the motor vehicle may be thrown and jostled significantly in an accident.

Jackknife accidents

A jackknifed truck is a danger to other vehicles on the road. It may be the result of a poor reaction to unexpected conditions. The driver may have inadequate training, or they may lack the needed skills to drive safely. We will investigate what caused the jackknife accident.

Truck rollovers

A truck rollover may occur when a driver overcorrects or when they encounter a traffic obstruction or dangerous condition on the road. Our team conducts accident reconstruction to show the events leading to the accident and your injury.

Tow trucks

Accidents involving tow trucks may occur when the truck is driving down the road or when the truck is parked on the edge of the road while servicing a vehicle. A tow truck driver and driving company may be liable for negligence whether the tow truck is moving or stationary at the time of the accident.

Log trucks

Logging trucks are not only heavy, but they carry a load that can cause serious harm if it falls from the vehicle. When a log truck accident occurs, our team can help you determine legal fault and prove your right to compensation.

Dump trucks

Dump trucks are heavy. Their movements may be unpredictable as they maneuver around a construction site or the state’s roadways. We explore all opportunities for you to receive the compensation that you deserve following a collision with a dump truck.

Tanker trucks

A tanker truck may carry flammable, corrosive, or poisonous materials. The transportation of chemicals is heavily regulated. We look at what violations may have occurred, as well as traffic infractions that may have caused the tanker truck accident.


Because trucks are large and heavy, truck accidents have a high fatality rate. If you have lost a loved one in a trucking accident, you may receive compensation through a wrongful death case. Our law firm handles truck accidents involving fatalities.

Tire blowouts

A tire blowout may be the result of failing to adequately inspect a truck and perform necessary maintenance. We evaluate the events of the accident as well as underlying factors that may create legal liability.

Delivery truck drivers

Delivery truck drivers can cause an accident as they regularly start and stop in traffic. When they impede traffic or drive negligently, they may be liable if an accident occurs.

Brake failures

A brake failure may cause a rear-end collision, a head-on accident, or other collision. We investigate your case to determine if brake failure is a contributing factor.

Fault for a Truck Accident

There are many parties that may have fault for a truck accident, including:

  • The trucking company
  • Other drivers on the roads
  • Third party companies responsible for loading or managing cargo
  • A government entity for poorly designing or maintaining the roads
  • Maintenance companies for negligent maintenance
  • Truck manufacturer
  • Parts manufacturer

As your lawyer, we can investigate how South Carolina law applies to determine fault for the accident.

Grounds for Liability for a Truck Accident

There are several possible grounds for liability for a truck accident, including:

  • Negligence: An absence of ordinary care. Most traffic violations like speeding and improper lane changes are negligence.
  • Defective products: A truck or parts manufacturer may be liable for creating a defective product without the victim having to prove negligence of the manufacturer.
  • Reckless driving: Reckless driving is behavior that disregards an obvious risk.
  • Intentional harm: Intentional acts, including road rage, are grounds for liability.

After a Truck Accident Checklist

  • Call 911 or the police.
  • Seek medical attention immediately if necessary.
  • Gather information, take photos, find witnesses.
  • Stay calm. Don’t discuss blame.
  • Notify your insurance company.
  • Consult an attorney.

Damages for a Truck Accident

Damages in a truck accident may include economic and non-economic damages. You may claim compensation for financial losses like medical care even when the medical care is needed in the future. You may seek lost wages and the cost of care for your family. In addition, you may receive non-economic losses like pain, suffering, and disfigurement.

Our truck accident lawyers in Rock Hill know what damages you may claim. We fully represent your interests to claim appropriate compensation for your case.

When we represent you, you have an experienced team that identifies and addresses the special issues that may be important in your claim. Examples of special legal considerations in a truck accident include:

  • Commercial trucking regulations from the US Department of Transportation that may have been violated
  • Future damages when a victim has catastrophic injuries
  • Non-economic damages when injuries are life-changing
  • Multiple parties with legal fault
  • Gathering evidence from the trucking company, including employment and training records
  • Accident reconstruction to investigate and explain the circumstances
  • Identifying the value of the case so that we can negotiate on your behalf
  • Presenting your case in court, pursuing the legal process to resolve your case appropriately

Our experienced team represents truck accident victims and their families in Rock Hill, SC, and the surrounding region. Contact us to discuss the injuries present in your case and how we can help.

About Rock Hill, SC

Rock Hill is the largest city in York County, South Carolina. York is the county seat despite being much smaller than Rock Hill. Rock Hill is south of Charlotte, North Carolina, and north of Columbia.

Interstate 77 travels through the east part of Rock Hill before proceeding into Charlotte. Interstate 85 is north of the city.

In York County, the top roadways for traffic accidents are:

  • US-21
  • I-77
  • SC-161
  • SC-5
  • SC-160

The top five intersections for traffic accidents in York County are:

  • I-77 at S-1441
  • I-77 at SC-460
  • US-21 at I-77
  • US-21 at US-21
  • I-77 at SC-160

Interstates, United States highways, and South Carolina state highways are among the leading places for accidents. These roads are the major thoroughfares in and around Rock County, where trucks travel many miles in large numbers.

The Rock Hill Police Department investigated 555 traffic accidents in 2021 that resulted in injury, serious injury, or death. They responded to a total of 2,334 collisions.

Don’t Settle Too Soon

The at-fault driver’s insurance carrier will often push you to a fast settlement, which may be much lower than what is fair to you.  Keep in mind that once you waive your rights and accept a settlement, your case cannot be re-opened.

Free Consultation with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Rock Hill, SC

You can have a level playing field with the trucking company as you seek compensation for a trucking accident. If you or a family member have been injured, we invite you to have a free consultation with a truck accident lawyer in Rock Hill, SC. Contact Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys to discuss your case.

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