Three Things to Know About Car Accident Settlements

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Insurance companies are in business to make money. No shock there – every business is – but that means making generous settlement payments is not part of their business model if they can avoid it. No matter whose insurance company is on the hook, that company wants to pay you as little as possible. That’s just the way it is. For insurance companies, payouts are losses. They want to minimize payouts, and if you try to negotiate your own settlement, you are likely to get less than you deserve. They are professionals at this game, and you are not.

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Insurance Settlement FAQs

Will the insurance company be honest with me? 

Yes and no. They can’t outright lie to you because that is illegal. However, they can make the lowest defensible settlement offer possible and tell you that’s their best offer. It probably isn’t. The first offer never is. 

If the insurance company sends me a check, should I cash it? 

No. If you have not reached an agreement with the insurance company, don’t accept any other offer, especially a check in the mail. That’s all you will get, and it might not be enough to cover your damages.

How will I know if an offer is too low? 

To properly evaluate a settlement offer, you have to have a pretty good idea of what your damages really are. That is not limited to your medical expenses and the cost to repair your vehicle. There are many other aspects involved in a satisfactory settlement. An experienced lawyer can help determine what constitutes a satisfactory settlement.

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