Dangers of Semi-Truck Tire Blowouts

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Truck operators and owners should ensure that their trucks are regularly inspected and safe for public road use—and most do. However, even with truck owners and operators taking the utmost caution, there is still a chance that accidents can occur.

Semi-truck tire blowout accidents pose a significant danger to drivers on the road. If you find yourself in a semi-truck tire blowout accident, you should contact an experienced Rock Hill, SC, truck accident attorney so they can assess your case.

Why Do Semi-Truck Tire Blowouts Occur?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Authority, the main causes of tire blowouts are negligent inspection and poor maintenance.

More specifically, other causes may include:

  • Over or under-inflation of tires.
  • Excessive braking.
  • Wear of tires.
  • Trailer overload.
  • Mismatched tires and uneven wear.
  • Road hazards such as potholes and cracked surfaces.
  • High-speed driving.

Checking tires regularly and ensuring proper maintenance should help semi-truck drivers avoid tire blowouts.

If the trucking company or the truck driver could have prevented the accident, the accident may be the result of negligence. Therefore, a person who has suffered an injury in a tire blowout accident may be able to get compensation with the help of a South Carolina accident attorney.

How Are Tire Blowouts Dangerous to Other Drivers?

Can a tire blowout damage your car?

Unfortunately, when a tire blowout happens, it can cause significant problems for other drivers on the road.

Here are some frequent hazards associated with truck tire blowouts:

  • Loss of control by the driver: The semi-truck becomes unstable when a blowout happens. The driver can lose control of the truck and veer off the road, and this creates the possibility of a serious accident.
  • Flying debris: The flying debris that results from blown-out tires can cause significant damage to other vehicles and drivers on the road. Other drivers have to swerve off the road to avoid the debris and lose control of their vehicle.
  • Sudden braking: When a semi-truck tire blows out, the driver and others in proximity may slam on the brakes. At high speeds, rear-end accidents become a risk.

Injuries that can occur because of truck tire blowout accidents include:

  • Internal injuries and bleeding: Internal bleeding is a common consequence of truck accidents. However, internal injuries may not be immediately apparent. So, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible if you find yourself in such an accident.
  • Head and brain injuries: The force of a semi-truck accident may induce concussions, skull fractures, or brain bleed.
  • Burn injuries: If a tanker truck crashes into you while carrying hazardous or flammable materials as a result of a tire blowout, you risk experiencing burns in the collision.

In some serious blowout situations, victims may find themselves trapped or crushed between a semi-truck and another vehicle, leading to lifelong injuries that may affect their limbs or spinal cord.

Who May Be Liable in a Tire Blowout Accident in South Carolina?

People assume that a truck blowout accident is usually the fault of the truck driver. However, the court takes into consideration different factors to determine fault. The following parties may be liable for your injuries:

The truck loader

The loader has a responsibility to load cargo onto the truck in a way that maintains balance. They ensure that nothing rolls, slips, or slides during transport. However, open-bed trucks especially can experience complications if improperly loaded or overloaded, which could put too much pressure on the tires and result in a blowout accident.

The trucking company and truck driver

The truck driver and trucking company should ensure that their trucks are safe according to state and federal laws. This includes on-time repair and maintenance of truck tires. The driver should be educated on basic safety standards to avoid accidents.

The tire manufacturer

Tire manufacturers may be held responsible in such situations if there is a defect in the manufacturing process that contributed to the accident. Some tire defects that could contribute to blowouts include compound impurities, inadequate quality control, and a poor speed rating.

Seek Help from An Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

A semi-truck tire blowout accident can affect you financially, physically, and emotionally. You or a loved one may be eligible for compensation if you sustain injuries as a result.

The Elrod Pope Law Firm truck accident attorneys are committed to helping clients achieve positive outcomes in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Lake Wylie. Contact our team today by filling out the form for a free case evaluation.

Truck Accident FAQs

Why do tire blowouts often happen at high speeds?

Underinflated tires tend to overflex, overheat and break down from the friction of traveling at a high speed.

What is tread separation?

Tread separation is an occurrence when an old tire is fitted with new treads and comes apart from poor bonding. If this happens when the vehicle is in motion, it can result in a dangerous tire blowout.

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