Robotic Surgeries: The Double-Edged Sword

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As technology continues to evolve, we are seeing new and innovative ways to accomplish tasks.  Robots are a hot topic in various arenas.  In the 1980s, robots were introduced to assist with surgical procedures, termed “robotic surgery” or “computer-assisted surgery.”  With advancements and the evolution of the practice, robots now are used in heart-valve procedures, cancer-related surgeries, hysterectomies, and more!  This amazing progression has provided patients an option that is minimally invasive, resulting in smaller incisions, reduced risk of infection, and often a shorter recovery time.

Although these are outstanding benefits, there are drawbacks to robotic-assisted surgery.  This is a new technology in which doctors must be trained to operate; this is a long process and mistakes can be made.  One of the biggest areas of concern is the fact that the surgeon performs the procedure while he or she views it on a monitor rather than directly. There is also a restricted degree of motion, decreased sense of touch, and increased sensitivity to hand movements as compared to traditional surgery.  These limitations can lead to harmful, life-threatening errors.  Robotic surgery errors are considered a specific type of medical malpractice.  Bloomberg  reports that in 2013 there were thousands of incidents documented, and the number had increased as compared to previous years.

A traumatic event such as a surgical injury can lead to a dramatic change in your life or in the life of a loved one.  This might be for an extended period of time or for life. Cases involving surgical robots can be trying, difficult, and confusing. It can be hard to pin down who the responsible party is and what steps you need to take to ensure that you are fairly compensated and that this does not happen to others.

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