What Are the Leading Causes of Rock Hill, SC Car Accidents?

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Many South Carolina car accidents are reported to local authorities every day. While many of these crashes only involve property damage, others lead to long-term pain and suffering, permanent scarring and disfigurement, lifelong disabilities, and even loss of life. Unfortunately, there are still many car accidents that shatter lives are the result of negligence or reckless behavior. Here are some of the leading causes of car accidents in Rock Hill, SC and how they could be prevented. 

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  • The leading cause of car accidents all across the United States as well as South Carolina is distracted driving. When a driver becomes distracted, his or her attention is not focused on the task at hand, but is instead focused on something other than the road. Distracted driving might involve the use of a cell phone, eating, reading, or grooming. When behind the wheel, all of your attention should be focused on driving. 
  • Speeding is another leading cause of car accidents. When a driver is exceeding the posted speed limit, it is going to take his or her vehicle longer to stop. You are much more likely to be involved in a crash when exceeding the posted speed limit.
  • Reckless driving is another cause of car accidents in Rock Hill. There are a number of things that qualify as reckless driving. Reckless driving might include speeding, changing lanes without signaling, fast lane changes, tailgating, moving from lane to lane, or dodging around traffic without warning. Stay away from drivers who appear to be driving aggressively or recklessly. Always exhibit extreme caution and do everything you can to avoid a car accident.
  • Another cause of crashes in Rock Hill is bad weather. When the weather is bad, road conditions can deteriorate fast. Water pooling in the roadway, ice on the roads, or debris blown onto the road can cause a serious crash.
  • A stop sign or red light means come to a complete stop. Ignoring a red light or running a stop sign can result in a high impact crash that can result in serious injuries or fatalities. When you are approaching a green light, you should slow down and look both ways to make sure no one is running a red light. All intersections require special attention and caution.
  • Inexperience can result in crashes, so younger drivers are at a higher risk of a crash. New drivers should take driver safety courses and learn how accidents can be prevented and how to avoid dangerous situations on the roadways.
  • Driving at night poses higher risks as well. Darkness limits your visibility, so when driving after dark you must be more aware to reduce your risks of being in an accident.
  • Defective car designs and parts lead to crashes. Just one single defective part can lead to a collision. Recalls often result from defective parts, but, unfortunately, accidents can happen before recalls occur.
  • Improper lane change is a major problem on the roads. While all vehicles need to move from one lane to another, make sure you maneuver your vehicle safely and legally. Double check any blind spots, use a turn signal, and maneuver carefully from one lane to another.
  • Always be alert for traffic moving in one direction on one-way streets. Accidents result from cars traveling the wrong way on a highway or one-way street.
  • Improper turns also cause car accidents. Turning without adequate warning, such as failing to enter the turn lane or not signaling, can have fatal results. Never shoot across several lanes of traffic to turn without warning. Always obey traffic laws and signals. Adhere to the right-of-way before switching lanes or turning.
  • Never tailgate. Following too closely is a major risk factor for crashes. Leave adequate distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you. A safe buffer is a car distance for every ten miles per hour you are traveling. So, if you are traveling fifty miles per hour you need the distance of five vehicles between you and the car in front of you.
  • Road rage causes accidents in Rock Hill too. While it is normal for a driver to become frustrated, never let anger overtake you when you are operating a vehicle.
  • Road hazards and potholes can be a serious problem and can cause crashes. Try to avoid potholes or at least slow down when you spot one. Hitting a pothole while driving fast can cause your vehicle to lose control, or it can cause a tire to blow and result in an accident.
  • All across the country, drunk driving remains a problem, and Rock Hill is no exception. Operating a vehicle when under the influence of alcohol can result in loss of life.
  • Prescription or illegal drugs can impair thinking and the ability to operate a vehicle. If you are using drugs that result in drowsiness or dizziness or that impact your ability to think, you should not operate a vehicle.

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