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Interstate 85 is one of America’s busiest interstates. It connects five different states and is a significant part of millions’ commute to work each day. While we all try to do our best to stay safe while traveling, we hear of accidents that occur on this stretch of road more often than we would like.

If you are involved in an Interstate 85 accident, it is essential that you can get the justice you deserve with a reliable lawyer you can trust.

Causes of Car Crashes on I-85

We all try to be safe while driving, but sometimes things can happen that are beyond our control. Here are some common causes of car crashes:

  • Negligent Drivers: Even though you might be doing your best to obey the rules of the road, you can’t account for anyone else. Drivers can be speeding, looking at their phone, they may be impaired, or they may just be distracted and not concentrating on the road. Drivers who are not giving full attention to their driving can easily cause a severe accident.
  • Road Conditions: Even if drivers are doing all they can to obey driving rules, road conditions can create unforeseen circumstances that can make accidents more likely. Damage to the road, design flaws, and inclement weather conditions can all increase the chances of a crash.
  • Manufacturing Defects: In rare cases, faulty manufacturing can cause a car wreck. Brakes or any other part of the car can malfunction causing cars to swerve, topple or not stop in time.
  • Car Crash Injuries: Although airbags and seat belts are installed in vehicles to reduce chances of injury, many drivers and passengers become injured when accidents occur. Head and face injuries are common as many will hit their heads on impact. Flying glass can also get into the face, eyes and other body parts.

Brain injuries are quite common in car accidents and can lead to memory loss, sleep problems and difficulty focusing.

Injuries to the torso are also common as the impact of the steering wheel or airbags can harm. While cracked ribs are unpleasant, a spinal injury can lead to irreversible damage and even permanent paralysis.

Of course, injuries from car accidents affect more than the upper body. Car parts can crush passengers making legs and arms vulnerable as well. All of these injuries can result in a loss of income due to the time taken off work, considerable medical expenses and a decrease in quality of life.

Finding Who Is At Fault

The first part of getting the compensation you need for a car accident will be finding who is at fault. If a negligent driver caused the accident, he or she would be responsible. If the accident is caused by unsafe road conditions, the city may be at fault. If a vehicle malfunctions, the manufacturer may be to blame.

Determining who is at fault isn’t always so simple, and there may be more than one party responsible. A reliable Interstate 85 accident lawyer can help you find who is at fault to help you win your case.

Dealing with Insurance

Not every car accident case goes to court. Sometimes things cases can be settled through the driver’s insurance company.

Those that choose to settle through insurance might not even bother getting a may not need a lawyer. However, many times insurance companies offer an illegal settlement that does not provide full compensation for damages, injuries, loss of pay and mental anguish. That is why it’s essential to team up with a reliable lawyer from the very beginning.

Compensation Owed After a Car Accident

There will be several factors involved in determining what your claim is truly worth. Consider Economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages will cover financial loss including losses you have already suffered and injuries you will continue to suffer. They will also include any current and ongoing medical expenses.

Non-economic damages such as pain, suffering, and anguish, will be a bit trickier to determine. A qualified lawyer will help you determine an amount that will cover all your expenses and losses.

Though every case is different, here are a few things that will gather compensation for if you are involved in an Interstate 85 car accident:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Mental anguish
  • Property damage
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Statute of Limitations

If you are involved in a car accident, keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations involved in the filing of your case. In the state of South Carolina, the statute of limitations is three years, and the clock starts ticking on the date of your accident.

Many people think this gives them plenty of time to file, but time passes quickly and the further you get from your date, the harder it will be to remember details that can strengthen your case. That’s why it’s vital to team up with a lawyer as soon as possible. Make sure the clock won’t run out on you!

Getting a Reliable Lawyer on Your Side

Car accidents can be traumatic. When you are dealing with emotional and physical suffering, it can be hard for you to muster up the energy to deal with other parties involved and get the proper compensation for your injuries and losses.

During this time, it is crucial to get a reliable lawyer on your side. He or she will make the process as simple as possible ensuring you experience minimal stress when you are recovering from your injuries.

You can trust the Elrod Pope Law Firm to handle your I-85 accident case anywhere in the Carolinas. Around since 1980, this family-owned company is staffed with experienced, caring lawyers who know their way around an Interstate 85 car accident case. Trust them to get you the compensation you need so you can focus on what’s truly important…recovery!

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