How Do I Pay Medical Bills after Sustaining an Injury?

If you are injured in an accident, one of the most important things that you can do is to seek medical care for those injuries. Sometimes, however, a person’s insurance coverage will not cover certain procedures or medical expenses past a certain point, or a person’s deductible is very high, and they do not have the funds to cover it. As such, they are put between a rock and a hard place: should they elect to receive medical care, knowing that they cannot pay for it? Or, should they forego medical care altogether.

In most cases, the latter option is not a good option, or a possible one (many people’s injuries are so severe that receiving medical care is not optional, but mandatory). The question is, then, how will medical bills be paid for?

Options for Paying for Medical Bills

  • Car insurance. One of the first sources that you should turn to when paying your medical bills is a car insurance company. Depending upon the circumstances of the accident and type of car insurance policy that you carry, you may be able to seek payment for your medical bills from both the insurance policy of the at-fault driver, as well as your own car insurance.
  • Health insurance. Another common avenue for paying for medical bills after an accident is through health insurance. However, one of the common hiccups with health insurance is that the policyholder either has a very high deductible, or does not have enough health insurance coverage to fully pay for the medical treatment that they need.
  • Contingent basis. If you cannot afford the healthcare that you desperately need, your personal injury attorney may be able to work with the healthcare provider (doctor, surgeon, etc.) to work out a system where you will pay the healthcare provider after your case is won. For many people, this is the best way to ensure that necessary care is given.

Your personal injury attorney at Elrod Pope can help you to add up the total of your medical bills and any future medical bills that you may face, and will help you to prove the negligence of the at-fault party in order to recover your full compensation amount. Contact us today!

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