How Do Blind Spots Influence Truck Accidents?

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There is no denying that trucks are massive vehicles that require experienced operators. One of the reasons is that trucks have massive blind spots that make things much more dangerous. If it seems like a truck driver cannot see you, it is because they are not able to. A large part of the body of the truck is the blind spot.

According to the Department of Transportation, there are over 400,000 accidents each year that are caused by truck blind spots. The biggest risk is when you are on the right side of the truck. Truck drivers cannot see for most of the length of that side since they are looking out of their side-view mirror. The driver must also see a long way to see behind the truck. They usually cannot see the immediate area behind the truck. This presents difficulty if they are backing up or have to stop short.

It Is the Driver’s Responsibility to See in Their Blind Spots

Drivers need to be careful when pulling up alongside a truck, and they should not spend a prolonged period of time in the truck’s blind spot. Even with better technology that could help them see into their blind spots, truck drivers can still make frequent errors. Not being able to see into a blind spot is an example of truck driver negligence. Drivers have an obligation to check their blind spots before making a turn, and an inability to see will not be an excuse if they cause a crash.

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Truck Accident FAQ

When Can I Receive Truck Accident Compensation?

You could receive money if the truck driver was responsible for your injuries.

Can I Sue a Trucking Company?

Yes, they are legally responsible for the actions of their drivers.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive for My Injuries?

It all depends on how badly you have been injured and your own particular damages.

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