Where to Get Your Vehicle Repaired After a Lake Wylie, South Carolina, Auto Accident

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If you’ve been in an auto accident in the Lake Wylie, South Carolina, area, you’re probably dealing with some amount of property damage. If you’re vehicle is completely totaled, then you won’t be looking for repair services. However, if your vehicle can be repaired without exceeding its value, you need to know where the most reputable and highest rated auto repair shops are located. You’ll also probably have some questions about paying for those repairs and whether or not you can get the expense covered by your auto insurance policy or the auto insurance policy of another at-fault driver. Today, we’ll take a look at your local auto repair shops and what you need to know about auto insurance coverage and getting your damages covered by the appropriate policy.

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers Provides Much More than Oil and Tire Services

One of the top locations for auto repairs in Lake Wylie, South Carolina, can be found at 4825 Charlotte Highway. Don’t let the name fool you. While they specialize in routine oil changes and tire services, they offer much more. For example, their Mechanical Services include the following:

  • General Repair Services
  • Battery, Starter, & Alternator Services
  • Brake Inspections & Repairs
  • CV Axle Replacement Services
  • Electronic Ignition Services
  • Fuel Pump Services & System Cleaning
  • Shock & Strut Services
  • Timing Belt Services
  • Water Pump, Radiator, & Heater Core Services

The company also offers computer diagnostics services to determine exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle, and they offer a warranty on their services. Beyond this, Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers prides themselves on high quality customer service and care. They only hire technicians who are certified and experienced with complete vehicle care and repair services, and they only use the highest quality of tools and equipment. Their goal is to provide fast, thorough, and complete service, striving to be the only auto repair company you’ll ever need.  Their customers describe them as ‘Fabulous’ with a ‘Clean and Comfortable Waiting Room.’ Call (803) 831-0009 to learn more.

Amvet Automotive Provides Complete Auto Repair Services in Lake Wylie, South Carolina

Amvet Automotive at 5774 Charlotte Highway is not far from Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers. When you’re comparing rates to get your vehicle repaired, this is definitely one of your top options to consider. This is especially so if you are a veteran, as this company provides special veteran discounts. They specialize in tire, wheel, and rim repairs, but they also provide a wide range of auto repair services. Their customers describe them as being capable of providing services at an affordable price when no other repair shop is prepared to tackle the project. They also point out how easy this company makes it to accomplish your auto repair goals, and how well they communicate and work with insurance policies. If you have serious auto repairs to attend to and you want to do so with the least hassle possible, then you would be wise to contact Amvet Automotive at (803) 370-8453 for a repair estimate.

Different Auto Repair Companies Offer Different Services for Your Automotive Repairs

There are a wide range of different auto repair services that you can get from different companies. While the companies listed above will be there for you after a Lake Wylie, South Carolina, auto accident, you will want to thoroughly research their skills, services, and customer reviews to ensure that you get the kind of service and expertise that your vehicle requires. It is very wise to seek multiple estimates, just be sure that no auto repair company is taking advantage of you and that you do get the best possible price for the services that you require. You also need to actually talk to the mechanics who will be doing the repairs to get a feel for their level of experience and skills. Following are some of the most frequently needed automobile repair services that are going to be sought by individuals who have been in a Lake Wylie, South Carolina, auto accident that resulted in significant property damage.

Mechanical Repair Services:

  • Engine Repair & Replacement Services
  • Diesel Repair Services
  • Clutch Repairs & Replacement Services
  • Steering and Suspension Services
  • Power Steering Services
  • Exhaust System Services
  • Transmission Repair & Replacement Services
  • Cooling System, Water Pump, & Radiators Services
  • No-Start Diagnostics & Drivability Diagnostics Services
  • Belt, Hoses, & Wiper Blade Repair & Replacement Services
  • Timing Belt & Chain Repair & Replacement Services
  • Battery Replacement Services
  • Anti-Lock Brake Diagnostic, Repair, & Replacement Services
  • Electrical & Wiring Repair & Replacement Services
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting Repair & Replacement Services
  • Oil, Lube, & Filter Services
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement Services
  • Computer Reprogramming Services
  • Computer Re-flashing Services w/ Factory Diagnostic Equipment
  • Scan-Data Services w/ Tools for ALL Makes/Models

Who Is Going to Pay for Your Repairs After a Lake Wylie, South Carolina, Auto Accident?

While these local auto repair services can give you competitive rates to compare, that doesn’t answer the question of who is going to pay. You’ll want to get multiple quotes, in any event, making sure that you also choose the auto repair service that is best equipped and most capable of providing the highest quality of care for your vehicle. Then, you’ll need to look at the auto insurance policy that’s going to be responsible for these repairs and make sure that they’re going to pay. If you were at fault in your auto accident, and if you have the right coverage, then your own auto insurance policy should cover your damages. If someone else was at fault in your auto accident, then their property damage liability policy should cover your damages. Contact the dedicated Lake Wylie, SC, car accident lawyers at Elrod Pope Law Firm to learn more about filing your auto insurance claim and getting your damages covered.

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