Fort Mill Car Accident Statistics

On average, South Carolina experiences a traffic accident every 3.7 minutes. Of course, the locations of these crashes vary among the state’s cities and towns. However, Fort Mill, a town in York County, SC, has a population of 30,940 people, which means it sees its fair share of these common incidents.

Learning more about Fort Mill’s car accident statistics can help keep you and others sharing the road safer. It’s essential to know the common causes of crashes and how to avoid risky behaviors that can increase your chances of accidents.

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How Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys Can Help After a Car Accident in Fort Mill, SC

How Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys Can Help After a Car Accident in Fort Mill, SC

Since its founding in 1980, Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys has been providing help to those who’ve been involved in car accidents throughout Fort Mill, South Carolina. We are a family and community-based law firm that offers the degree of attention you deserve as you deal with the aftermath of a traffic collision. 

At our firm, our Fort Mill car accident lawyers offer the following services to each of our clients:

  • A free consultation 
  • Evidence-gathering to prove liability
  • Communication and negotiation with insurers
  • Taking a case to trial if necessary

Our commitment to aiding those in need has earned us many awards, but what we most care about is the satisfaction of our clients. When you turn to us for help after an accident, you can count on a team of experienced lawyers who are ready to guide you. 

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How Common Are Car Accidents in Fort Mill, SC?

On average, one fatal car accident occurs each year in Fort Mill. Car crashes in the greater York County area, both fatal and nonfatal, can reach amounts as high as 6,770 per year

One of the largest driver safety concerns in South Carolina — especially in its smaller towns and cities like Fort Mill — involves road conditions. The state ranks among those with some of the worst roads in the country, making accidents a much more likely occurrence.

Common Causes of Car Crashes in Fort Mill

Distracted driving is another concern, not just throughout the country but especially in South Carolina, which ranks 3rd among the top ten states with the most distracted drivers. 

Distracted driving involves anything that takes your eyes off the road, such as:

  • Eating 
  • Texting
  • Changing radio stations
  • Using the GPS system
  • Speaking with passengers

The distraction rate in the state is 16.5%, notably higher than the national rate of 12.1%.

Driving under the influence is another issue in locales like Fort Mill. South Carolina is the fifth-highest-ranking state regarding incidents of drunk driving. A single drink can dangerously slow a driver’s reaction times, decrease their coordination, and impair their vision and hearing. 

Last but certainly not least are situations involving aggressive or reckless driving. Aggressive driving includes everything from abrupt braking to tailgating. Reckless driving refers to actions that involve driving a vehicle with disregard for the safety of others, such as speeding or continuing to drive even after dozing off at the wheel, among many others. 

Common Car Accident Injuries in Fort Mill, SC

A car accident can cause a variety of injuries depending on several factors and the surrounding circumstances, such as where exactly the crash took place and the force of the impact of the involved vehicles. 

In Fort Mill — and throughout the entire state of South Carolina — one of the most common types of injuries is spinal cord injuries, which can severely damage or even sever the spine, leading to incomplete or total paralysis. Almost 40% of all spinal injuries are the result of car accidents. 

Bruises are also common in car accidents across South Carolina. They occur when part of your body is struck against something in the collision, such as parts of your car, other property, or other people, causing small blood vessels under your skin to rupture. In some instances, bruises point to more serious damage, such as broken bones.

Rear-end collisions, in particular, are most likely to cause whiplash, in which your head moves forward and backward with such force that it strains your neck and causes your brain to be jostled around in your skull.

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Being involved in a car accident in Fort Mill, South Carolina, can leave you dealing with serious injuries, property damage, and lost wages. If the accident was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation to help you cover medical and repair bills. 

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