Commercial Truck Accidents: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Anyone who has driven on an interstate or other major highway has seen some of the thousands of tractor-trailer rigs that travel the nation’s roads side-by-side with passenger vehicles of all kinds. The size disparity between such trucks and passenger cars is huge, and it highlights the risks that exist on the nation’s highways every day – accidents between passenger vehicles and trucks are David vs. Goliath, and in this case, David almost never wins. Those 18-wheeler rigs might be vital to the nation’s economy, but they can be deadly for people who are involved in accidents with them.

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Commercial Truck Accident FAQs

What are the leading causes of accidents involving large commercial trucks? 

Truck drivers spend far more hours behind the wheel than most drivers, and while truck driver fatigue is a factor in many accidents involving trucks, other significant causes include:

  • Inadvertent lane changes by a truck, such as drifting into the next lane, which is a factor in 32 percent of 18-wheeler crashes
  • Losing control of the truck for any number of reasons
  • Running into the rear end of the vehicle in front of the truck

Who is most likely to be hurt in accidents involving 18-wheelers?

The occupants of passenger vehicles involved in accidents involving tractor-trailers by far bear a disproportionate share of the injuries and deaths in such accidents. More than 71 percent of those killed in such accidents and 72 percent of those injured are occupants of the passenger vehicles involved.

Why are trucks so dangerous to passenger vehicles?

The answer here is not rocket science – large commercial trucks weigh far more than passenger vehicles, hitting the scales at as much as 30 times more than passenger cars. In traffic accidents, physics prevail, and size and weight usually win.

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