I Was in a Chester Car Accident with an Uninsured Driver. What Should I Do?

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Every day, there are people who break the law by driving cars without any insurance on the roads in Chester, SC. This creates a frightening scenario. When drivers without car insurance are the cause of a Chester car accident, the first thing that comes to mind is: who will pay all the bills and the cost of repairs to another vehicle or property?

Sadly, this is not just a hypothetical scenario but something that is commonly seen on our roads every day. The exact number of drivers without car insurance is not known, but the amount is significant. The question is: what happens when non-insured drivers cause a car accident in South Carolina?

What Are My Options for Seeking Compensation After a Chester Car Accident?

In general, these are your options:

  1. The at-fault driver with no insurance may end up paying from their pocket if they have the money. But since they do not have auto insurance, it is unlikely they will have the assets to pay for repairs or damages. Therefore, it is safe to say in most cases that relying on the at-fault driver for payments is unrealistic and impractical. However, this does not mean that there is no hope for recovering any damages that you have incurred.
  2. Turning to your auto insurance company. In South Carolina, it is required to have uninsured coverage to assist you in such situations.  However, the minimum required coverage is very low, and may not cover all your damages.
  3. The last and least desirable option is that you pay out of your pocket for all the damage to your car and for any medical bills. The amount may vary depending on the seriousness of the car accident. This can be very challenging and often impossible for many people. After all, car accidents are not something we plan for and when they happen, we are often unprepared both financially and psychologically.

For most people, the best option is to file a claim with your insurance company. When all else fails, you can pursue a claim against the at-fault driver, but in order to do so, you should consult an attorney.

Recovering Compensation from an Uninsured Driver in a Chester Car Accident

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In South Carolina, the law does permit you to take legal action against the uninsured at-fault driver who is liable for your injuries in a car accident. If you win the lawsuit, the court will order that damages be paid from any asset the at-fault driver possesses.

Recovering Compensation from Your Insurance Company after an Uninsured Motorist Accident

Some drivers who are injured by an uninsured driver may be able to collect damages from their own car insurance company.  In the State of South Carolina, the law clearly states that you must have uninsured coverage on your own insurance policy.  Therefore if you are a driver in Chester, South Carolina you should be able to collect on your own policy. Depending on your policy, you may also have a deductible that you have to pay out of pocket.

Unfortunately, the issue is not that simple.  Even though you have insurance to recover these damages, the insurance company may try to minimize the damage and will want to pay out as little as they can. Further, there are always specific deadlines for filing claims against uninsured drivers with your own insurance company. You need to know the laws and how to maneuver around the system.

Consult with a Chester Car Accident Lawyer Today

To ensure you get the best possible outcome, it is imperative that if you consult an attorney immediately. If you have been in a car accident and if it turns out that the at-fault driver is uninsured, things can get complicated very fast. Your insurance company is your backup plan, but keep in mind that these insurance companies who claim to be there in your time of need, actually try to shortchange you once that time arises.  The goal for insurance companies is to minimize their financial exposure as much as possible. Insurance adjusters may attempt to talk you into accepting far less than you deserve for your claim.

However, the law is on your side. That is especially true if you are not at-fault and if you have a legal and binding insurance policy as required by law. Call our experienced lawyers at Elrod Pope Law Firm. Our legal team has been successful at getting compensation for our clients, and we understand how the system works and what is required when and how. Our legal team will guide you through the legal maze of regulations and stipulations, but at the same time, we will ensure that we get you the reimbursement you deserve for your physical injuries and your property damage. Call us today at 803-599-3080 for a free consultation, and we will be happy to assist you.

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