Secrets of Accident Claims Against GEICO Revealed!

Secrets of Accident Claims Against GEICO Revealed!

Even if you do not have an auto accident policy through GEICO, you have likely seen the company’s commercials and are familiar with its lizard mascot. The company boasts that it insures just under 30 million vehicles today despite being formed less than 100 years ago.

With such a large footprint in the auto market industry, there is a significant chance you will need to deal with GEICO and its employees if you are involved in a South Carolina auto accident. Like other car insurance companies, GEICO does not remain profitable by paying out any and all claims it receives. 

To succeed with your claim, knowing the secrets to submitting and pursuing a claim against GEICO is essential.

5 Secrets To Filing a Successful GEICO Claim

Before you file your car accident claim, it’s important to keep these five key tips in mind:

1. You Do Not Have To Give a Recorded Statement, Nor Should You

The GEICO adjuster assigned to your case will likely contact you for more information about the accident. Before asking you questions, the adjuster will request your permission to record the conversation. The adjuster will make it seem like the request is routine and as if you have no choice – but you actually do. 

You can, and should, refuse to give any statement to the adjuster without having your attorney with you. Giving a recorded statement without an attorney to advise you and protect you runs the risk of you stating something that can be harmful to your claim. 

For instance, you might mischaracterize or forget an important fact or suggest your injuries are not as serious as they are. Once recorded, these statements can be difficult to disprove.

2. GEICO Will Likely Attempt to Settle Your Claim For As Little As Possible

No matter how friendly the GEICO staff may seem, never forget that they are not there to help you get the compensation you need. Instead, they are seeking to settle your claim as quickly as possible — and for as little money as possible.

Because of this, you will want to scrutinize every settlement offer presented to you carefully. Do not accept any offer without first talking it over with your car accident lawyer. If you do agree to a lowball settlement offer, you will likely find it impossible to secure additional compensation to address all of your losses.

3. Insurance Companies Hope You Will Give in Before They Do

Suppose that you decline GEICO’s offer under the advice of your attorney. The company’s adjuster and representatives may attempt to pressure you into reconsidering your denial. They may even tell you that future offers will not be as lucrative or that you risk not receiving any compensation at all if you do not accept their lowball offer.

Trust your car accident lawyer and their experience. This common tactic should not convince you to accept a settlement that does not protect your interests or reasonably compensate you. If your case is solid and the evidence supports your claims, GEICO may ultimately make a better offer. 

When your accident claim is strong, insurance companies tend to hesitate to bring a claim to trial.

4. GEICO Does Not Calculate Your Claim the Same Way You Do

When your lawyer calculates how much your claim is worth, they will likely consider your bills, invoices, and pay stubs. They will also evaluate how much compensation would be reasonable to address and acknowledge your pain and suffering and cover any ongoing treatment or care you may need in the future. 

By adding these elements together, your lawyer arrives at a value for your case. GEICO and other insurers will not calculate the value of your injury claim in this way, though. 

Instead, GEICO’s formula only considers the value of the medical services it feels are necessary for your recovery. Using a figure that represents what the company believes such services should cost, GEICO arrives at its figure. The amount GEICO believes your claim is worth is typically going to be lower than its actual value.

This is because they do not consider certain types of harm as legitimate, compensable losses. Insurance companies also believe they should determine what you should have paid for your treatments, not what you actually paid. That is why a lawyer’s calculation of your case’s worth is vital; without it, you may receive significantly less compensation than you truly need.

5. You May Not Get the Compensation You Need Through a GEICO Claim

As with any insurance company, GEICO only pays up to the limits of the applicable policy. If your damages and harm exceed this amount, you will need to seek compensation elsewhere or pay the difference yourself. 

Since most people do not have the financial resources to pay for the costs associated with catastrophic injuries, you may need to file a lawsuit in addition to your GEICO claim.

South Carolina follows an at-fault approach to motor vehicle accidents. This means that the party responsible for causing a crash is also responsible for paying for the damages they cause to others. If you have received the maximum benefits that GEICO will provide you, your attorney will likely be prepared to seek needed compensation elsewhere.

Keep in Mind That GEICO Is a Business First

When dealing with a GEICO representative, remember that their job is first and foremost to protect GEICO’s assets and financial stability. You can level the playing field by consulting a car accident lawyer, who can advocate for you and advise you on how to best pursue your rights. 

In most cases, this will not involve accepting GEICO’s first offer or recounting the accident in detail without your attorney present. By knowing these secrets about accident claims against GEICO in South Carolina, you can ensure you are better prepared to fight for the compensation you need and deserve.

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