Accidents Involving Amputation and Loss of Limbs

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Amputation and loss of limb injuries often lead to numerous issues, including depression and anxiety. Some victims also experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Moreover, these issues impair mobility and can undermine your ability to work.

Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys is a group of skilled South Carolina injury lawyers handling amputations. This article will introduce you to accidents that often lead to amputations and compensation for losing limbs.

Car Accidents Can Lead to Amputation and Limb Loss

Fortunately, not all motor vehicle collisions in South Carolina lead to amputation and limbs. But serious ones do.

Besides auto collisions, numerous other adverse events can lead to amputation and loss of limbs, including:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Electrocution accident
  • Farming accidents
  • Fire accidents
  • Firearms accidents

These are the most common causes of amputation injuries and limb loss in various regions in South Carolina.

Why Amputation May Be Necessary After an Accident

Amputation isn’t always necessary after an accident. However, it’s often recommended when a victim has:

A severely-infected limb

Most accidents result in injuries. For instance, a car accident can cause bone fractures or knee damage. On the other hand, a work accident can cause deep cuts and scrapes.

Unfortunately, bacteria can enter your body during an accident and lead to infection. If the issue advances to a point where treatment is ineffective, amputation becomes necessary.

Severely-damaged tissue

Tissue damage is a common issue among accident victims. Sudden trauma from a collision, blow, or fall is among the culprits that lead to this complication.

Although tissue damage is often treatable, it can be extensive enough in some scenarios to make repairs impossible. Health professionals can resort to amputation to save you from life-threatening complications like cut-off blood circulation.

A deformed limb

Trauma from a severe accident might cause limb deformities. Moreover, body parts can undergo deformation while the healing process is underway.

Deformities can be corrected through various medical techniques, including surgery. However, a specialist may suggest amputation when the chances of deformity correction are low and the affected limb negatively impacts the quality of your life.

Risk of crush syndrome

Crush syndrome is a serious medical condition associated with massive shock and kidney failure. Its primary cause is crush injuries affecting skeletal muscles.

Crush syndrome becomes imminent when an accident victim has a trapped limb that undermines extrication. To prevent this fatal complication from claiming a life, responders can amputate a crushed limb at the scene.

Seeking Compensation After Amputation and Limb Loss

As a survivor of amputation injuries in South Carolina, you may be eligible for compensation. That is more so if the accident that led to this unfortunate incident relates to another entity’s negligence or malicious actions.

Generally, most amputation victims get compensated for negligence-based claims. You could make this claim if your amputation injury and limb loss were caused by another person’s negligence, like medical malpractice or misdiagnosis.

Considering the above, seeking compensation is highly advisable when an unintentional amputation after an accident is involved. That is so because the funds you receive can help you cover loss of earnings, medication expenses, rehabilitation costs, and new prosthetics, among other elements.

Before signing off, several tips can help you increase the likelihood of your accident amputation claim winning compensation. For starters, ensure you have the following pieces of evidence:

  • Medical accounts and records
  • Witness statements
  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Official accident report
  • Relevant CCTV or dashcam footage

The items listed above have the information you may need to prove what happened and validate your compensation claim.

Essential Tips for New Amputees

Losing one or more limbs is a jarring experience. After all, amputation can impact your ability to enjoy social activities, hobbies, and leisure pursuits like you previously did. Not to forget, limb loss may affect your body image, psychological morbidity, and independence.

The good news is that you can still enjoy what life has to offer even after amputation and limb loss if you:

  • Diligently attend physical therapy sessions
  • Try to develop a positive mindset
  • Are patient with yourself
  • Indulge in suitable activities
  • Seek advice from other adjusted amputees and medical experts

Seek Help From Attorneys Experienced With Amputations

Contact the Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys today if you are an amputee and limb loss victim considering filing a claim. We have been practicing for over four decades and have helped countless people like you get the compensation they deserve for injuries.

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Amputation and Loss of Limb FAQs

How much money do you get for losing a limb?

The compensation you’ll get for an amputation or loss of a limb after an accident in South Carolina depends on the affected body part. Damage extent also determines the compensation you are eligible for.

Who can I sue for my amputation injury?

Generally, you are supposed to sue the negligent party. That may be a fellow worker, employer, automobile driver, property owner, trucking company, etc.

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