Workers’ Compensation for Nannies

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Do I Need Insurance For My Nanny?

Like many states, South Carolina does not require workers’ compensation insurance coverage for nannies (in most cases). Parents who have just one domestic employee are not legally required to take out workers’ compensation coverage. In fact, only 15 states and the District of Columbia require employers to have workers’ compensation insurance for a domestic worker. 

This area of law varies greatly by state. You should talk to a trained Rock Hill workers compensation attorney if you have questions about South Carolina state workers’ compensation laws. This is a difficult legal area that you shouldn’t have to navigate alone. Elrod Pope has experienced lawyers to answer your questions about workers’ compensation.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits to workers who become injured while on the job. Workers covered by such a policy are entitled to compensation for their injury. This is true regardless of who caused the accident. Most U.S. workers can claim benefits if they get hurt at work. 

A major exception to this rule has to do with domestic employees. As domestic employees, nannies usually cannot claim such benefits. Of course, there are always exceptions.

South Carolina Law for Nannies

South Carolina nannies can claim workers’ compensation in some cases. The law says household employers must have workers’ compensation insurance if they have 4 or more full or part-time employees. 

Nannies who work for someone with 4 or more employees can get compensation if they get hurt at work. It is important for nannies and employers to know this rule in South Carolina. 

Should I Consider Coverage?

Even if you don’t legally need it, workers’ compensation insurance can be a smart option. What if your nanny is injured while caring for your child? Worker’s compensation insurance can cover expenses like doctor’s visits.

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