When Do You Need a South Carolina Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

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After being hurt on the job, negotiating through the long and arduous workers’ compensation qualification process may leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and defeated without ever getting what you truly deserve. Workers’ comp issues are very complex and should be handled by a seasoned attorney.

Elrod Pope Law Firm in Rock Hill has over 50 years experience in handling workers’ comp claims and know how to protect your interests to help you get the benefits you deserve. Call us for a free consultation at 803-324-7574 when you encounter any of the following situations:

  • You have difficulty understanding or completing any forms or paperwork related to your claim or are not sure what your company representative is telling you.
  • You feel that your accident was caused in part by negligence by your employer.
  • You are instructed to return to work before you are completely healed.
  • You are denied workers’ compensation benefits after your initial claim is filed.
  • You are denied disability despite being obviously disabled.
  • Your employer sends you to a physician of their choosing and the physician declares you are ready to return to work when you are not physically able to do so.
  • You feel that your employer is not treating you fairly.


When your livelihood is on the line, life can be overwhelming. Before you sign anything, be sure your rights and your future are fully protected by calling the Elrod Pope Law Firm today without any cost or obligation. It could make a considerable difference in your case.

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