What to Do When You Get Hurt at Work

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Your health and well being is of primary importance. If you suspect you have a work related injury, here are some important steps to keep in mind:

  • First, report your injury to your employer promptly. If you are injured at work or think you might be injured, let your employer know as soon as possible. If you do not act fast, your employer may deny your right to benefits.
  • Report your injury in writing and keep a record for yourself. Your employer may have a form for you to use instead, but still keep a copy of it.
  • See a doctor for your injury. Your employer will have a specific doctor for you to see. If not, find a doctor who specializes in your type of injury.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions (this is very important). If he gives you a note excusing you from work or providing work restrictions, take that note to your employer and keep a copy for yourself.
  • If you are written out of work, you will be entitled to compensation from your employer.
  • Keep an accurate record of your mileage for all visits to the doctor, physical therapy, pharmacy and other healthcare providers. Your employer will have to reimburse you for any round trip travel that is more than five miles one way.

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