What to Do If a UPS Truck Hits You

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If a UPS truck hits you in your vehicle, on your bike, or while you’re walking on or near the road, take these immediate steps:

  • Report the accident
  • Get medical care and follow your doctor’s orders
  • Contact a UPS truck accident lawyer ASAP

You may have the right to receive significant compensation from UPS for any harm or property damage you suffered. However, a lawyer might need to take prompt action on your behalf to hold UPS accountable and ensure you receive the maximum amount possible.

Hiring a lawyer is affordable. Truck accident lawyers, such as Elrod Pope Law Firm, offer free consultations for injured victims and their loved ones. We also routinely represent our clients on contingency, which means we only get paid if and when we secure compensation for you. Contact our truck accident lawyers in Rock Hill to investigate your accident with a UPS truck.

The Three Simple Steps to Take After a UPS Truck Hits You

The aftermath of getting hit by a UPS truck can feel chaotic and overwhelming. It’s often difficult for victims and their loved ones to know what to do next or who to trust for guidance.

At the Elrod Pope Law Firm, we understand those feelings of anxiety and confusion, which is why we suggest you focus on taking just three simple steps to protect your legal rights and financial future after a UPS truck hits you.

Report the accident

If you haven’t already done so, report the accident immediately to local law enforcement. It’s your legal duty to do so if the accident caused an injury, fatality, or anything more than minimal property damage. It’s also a sensible way to protect your interests.

Reporting the accident triggers a police investigation, creates a written record of what happened, and puts UPS on notice of its driver’s apparent misconduct. Those can be important factors in successfully claiming compensation from UPS for the harm you suffered.

Get medical care and follow doctor’s orders

You’ve probably already sought medical care for any injuries you suffered, but if not, don’t wait another minute. Let a medical professional check you over even if you think you avoided severe trauma. Some potentially life-threatening injuries do not necessarily exhibit immediate symptoms but require treatment right away.

Then, be sure to take all reasonable steps suggested by your medical provider to heal. Go to follow-up appointments, do physical therapy, avoid activities as directed, take your medication, and so on. In addition to promoting your health and well-being, those efforts are essential to protecting the value of your eventual claim for compensation against UPS.

Contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible

It’s never too early to talk to a lawyer about a UPS truck hitting you. The sooner you do so, the better. If necessary, a lawyer can take immediate steps to secure potentially critical evidence showing that the UPS driver was at fault and to meet any deadlines applicable to giving notice, filing an insurance claim, or initiating a lawsuit against UPS for damages.

Do Not Attempt to File a Claim with UPS on Your Own

The internet is full of bad advice about what to do after a UPS truck hits you. Many websites will tell you to “file a claim” with UPS through its online claims portal. Don’t attempt to do this. 

For one thing, UPS’s online claims portal is a website for people whose packages have been lost, damaged, or destroyed in transit. It’s not designed for submitting a UPS truck accident insurance claim.

For another, you run the risk of making costly mistakes if you submit any kind of UPS truck accident claim to UPS on your own. UPS and its insurance representatives are well-versed in responding to truck accident claims. The moment they hear from you, they will almost certainly take prompt steps to limit their financial liability and impair your legal rights.

It’s not a fair fight. They’re professionals who respond to claims like yours all the time, while this is probably your first time seeking payment from UPS for a truck accident. To be blunt, you don’t stand a realistic chance of securing the maximum available compensation for the losses you suffered when a UPS truck hit you unless you have an experienced lawyer handling your claim and dealing with UPS on your behalf.

Contact a UPS Truck Accident Lawyer at the Elrod Pope Law Firm Today

UPS may owe you significant compensation after one of its trucks hits you, but it’s a risk to try to take matters into your own hands. Instead, follow the steps above and leave it to a skilled attorney to handle obtaining the maximum possible payment for your losses. To learn more about your rights and options, contact us at the Elrod Pope Law Firm today for a free consultation.

FAQs About UPS Truck Accidents

A UPS truck hit my parked car when I wasn’t there. What can I do?

You can still seek compensation, even if you didn’t witness the accident or suffer physical injuries in it. Report the crash to the authorities and contact an attorney right away.

How long will it take for UPS to pay for my damages?

It varies depending on various factors, including the severity of the harm done, the need for investigation and evidence gathering, and UPS’s willingness to acknowledge liability. Contact a lawyer immediately to get the ball rolling.

UPS offered me a settlement. Should I take it?

Contact us for a free consultation first. Quick settlement offers often undervalue your claim — we can explore whether you deserve more than what UPS has put on the table and explain what we can do to get it for you.

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