What Is The Average Settlement Payout For A Paraquat Lawsuit?

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If you or your loved one has developed Parkinson’s from exposure to Paraquat, you may want to know the range of settlements you can expect from a paraquat lawsuit. Since 2017, paraquat lawsuits have been going on in state and federal courts.

These cases have found their way into courts because the claimants hold the pesticide manufacturers responsible for its side effects, primarily Parkinson’s disease. The manufacturers failed to warn the public adequately about the potential neurological risks of the pesticides.

Many farmworkers have filed Paraquat lawsuits alleging that occupational exposure to Paraquat, an industrial herbicide, led to the development of Parkinson’s disease. Additional Paraquat lawsuits are in the pipeline, with a class action MDL already formulated to accommodate all of them.

Payouts are speculative because it is still early in the Paraquat litigation. This post looks at how much a claim may be worth. If you suffer from Parkinson’s disease due to Paraquat exposure, you will likely face substantial medical expenses, significant pain and suffering, and diminished earning capacity.

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Damages Recoverable in Paraquat Lawsuits

Parkinson’s disease can have many debilitating effects and symptoms. These include tremors, slow movement, and a lack of balance and flexibility.

If afflicted with the disease, you may also experience delusions, depression, hallucinations, sleeplessness, judgment impairment, memory lapses, and sleeplessness. These symptoms may lead to or cause a reduction in function and ability to work while scarring relationships.

In a Paraquat lawsuit, you can seek compensation for these types of damages:

  • Medical expenses: The average cost of care for a patient with Parkinson’s disease is approximately $26400 annually. This figure is according to the Unified Parkinson’s Advocacy Council. The medical expenses involved include physician’s diagnosis and treatments, hospital stays, therapies, medical devices, and prescriptions.
  • Lost wages and reduced earning capability: As time passes, those with Parkinson’s disease lose their ability to do jobs that require interaction with the public, physical labor, or cognitive functions.

Consequently, they lose time on their current job and can’t do future work. Your education and experience will come in handy as part of the evidence for lost earning capacity.

  • Loss of consortium: The claim for this type of damage comprises the loss of affection, services, and companionship when you get Parkinson’s disease from paraquat exposure.
  • Pain and suffering: The condition imposes significant emotional and physical pain on the victim. Lack of sleep, physical pain, and depression are forms of pain and suffering you’ll likely encounter from Parkinson’s disease.

Factors that Determine the Settlement Amount You Will Receive

Numerous plaintiffs currently allege that Paraquat caused them to acquire Parkinson’s disease. In this scenario, the justice system may consolidate the cases and treat them as a class action, mass tort, or federal multidistrict litigation.

The defendants often agree with the plaintiffs or a class of plaintiffs in a global settlement. These agreements provide for the payment of a sum of money by the defendants.

When the lawsuit settles, the total amount of compensation you will receive as an individual plaintiff depends on several factors, including:

  • Proof of individual damages
  • The severity of the damage
  • The final amount of the total settlement
  • Several other crucial legal factors

An exact compensation figure can be challenging to determine before a case settles, and there can never be any guarantees. The good thing is that individuals in similar cases in the past involving toxic chemicals have recovered substantial compensation amounts for the damages. Call our lawyers on 803-599-3080 today for an initial case assessment before filing a Paraquat lawsuit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paraquat Lawsuit

1. What are the dangers of Paraquat exposure?

Exposure to Paraquat during mixing and spraying has immediate toxic effects like nosebleeds, eye injury, and skin burns. Studies have pointed to a less immediate impact in recent years- Parkinson’s disease.

2. Must I join a class-action lawsuit to get compensation for paraquat exposure?

No, you don’t need to be in a class-action lawsuit to get compensation.

3. What type of compensation can paraquat exposure victims get?

Only financial compensation for Paraquat exposure victims is available. They can obtain monetary compensation after filing a toxic exposure claim, citing the liable herbicide manufacturers.

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