What Happens When You Get Fired While On Workers’ Compensation?

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Getting injured while on the job is a common occurrence that requires you to file a workers’ compensation claim. Filing a  workers’ compensation claim will help you offset the cost of medical treatments and other expenses while you recover.

However, most people are scared of filing workers’ compensation due to the fear of getting laid off. When you file your workers’ comp claim, your employer cannot retaliate against you for it. However, some situations can allow your employer to fire you when you get injured. When this happens, contact an attorney from Elrod Pope to protect your rights.

Reasons your employer can fire you

Some of the reasons that can warrant your employer firing you while on workers’ compensation are listed below:

  • Employers can fire you for your injuries if your injuries will impact your ability to carry out your duties.
  • Your employer is required to make reasonable accommodations for you, but if the injury has left you with a permanent disability, then they may lay you off.

Workers’ Compensation Termination FAQ’s

What will happen when you get fired while on workers’ compensation?

The good news is, you will not lose your workers’ compensation claim and the benefits you will receive, but if you get fired after filing a worker’s comp claim, contact an attorney at Elrod Pope who will guide and help you.

What does a worker’s compensation lawyer do?

A worker’s compensation lawyer represents an injured worker filing a workers’ compensation claim, requests a hearing or an appeal,  and advocates for the worker’s time off work.

How much would it cost to hire a worker’s comp lawyer?

The amount that your lawyer will charge is dependent on several factors. Attorneys at Elrod Pope charge a contingent fee and 33% of your total winnings in South Carolina, and 25% of your total winnings in North Carolina.

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