What to Do After an Uber Car Accident in South Carolina

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Uber car accident

Did you know South Carolina is ranked in the top 3 deadliest states for car crashes nationally? That statistic looks at the likelihood of a fatal incident, so you can add to that many more accidents where people are injured but not killed.

All the more reason to be especially safe, and prepared, if you regularly drive or ride in cars in South Carolina.

No one plans for a car crash. And they are as likely to happen to you if you are riding in an Uber car as in any other. Are you a regular user of the ride-service?

If you’ve been in an uber car accident you’ll need to follow the right steps immediately afterward. If you don’t, you risk being out-of-pocket with medical expenses for any injuries you sustain in the crash. To learn what you’ll need to do right after an accident on an Uber trip, read on.

Car Accidents in South Carolina

If you are in a serious car accident in South Carolina, you should call 911 and seek medical attention promptly. The same is true if you are in an Uber accident or in a private car. You could have internal injuries that don’t present immediately.

You might think your injuries aren’t that serious. It’s vital you get it checked out in case symptoms of something like whiplash kick in afterward. Getting medical attention quickly, and ensuring it’s documented, will help you if you need to seek injury compensation at a later date.

Uber’s History on Safety

After several scandals relating to safety issues reported by users of Uber, the company has made some changes to improve the situation. They’ve implemented a feature called “Ride Check” which uses data from GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer and other movement-sensor features in smartphones to perceive a car crash.

If a crash is detected, the Uber app – according to app creators – will send a notification to the rider’s phone asking them some key questions. If they confirm that an accident took place, the app will prompt them to call 911.

Uber has created a ‘safety team’ who will reach out to the rider in these situations to ensure they are safe. These features use information from the driver rather than the rider’s phone. This means the company could roll it out without requiring new permissions from riders to monitor movement sensors in their smartphones.

What to Do While Still at the Crash Site

While you are still at the crash site, take photos and videos of the scene. Make sure you take shots of all the damaged cars, from as many angles as you can. Next, collect information from those involved and witnesses.

Get the name and contact information of your Uber driver if you were in a ride-share trip at the time. Make a note of the names, contact details and insurance information of all other involved parties. Finally, make a note of the contact information of any witnesses who saw the crash.

Why will you need all this information? Should you come to file a claim, these details will be invaluable to your lawyer in helping to prove your case.

What to Do If You Were in a Ride-Share

If you were traveling in an uber when the car crash happened, there are some specific details you’ll want to know. Uber spokespeople say that all their drivers have gone through background checks and if they are at fault in crashes they’ll be discontinued as drivers.

Dealing with Damages After an Uber Crash

Lawsuits for crashes involving Uber can be treated as standard accidents but there is also the risk they’ll get pretty complicated. Uber and other ride-share services are relatively new when it comes to testing their liability through legal cases.

Uber has only been around since 2009. They aren’t exactly a taxi-service, so they’ve managed to avoid many of the for-hire regulations of taxis. At the moment, Uber offers insurance coverage to passengers injured while taking an Uber trip.

This insurance, however, might be secondary to the personal insurance of the Uber driver. If a third-party was at fault for the crash, their insurance is likely to cover your damages as well as those to your Uber driver’s car. It’s a complex and still largely untested area of insurance law.

Get a Great Lawyer After Uber Car Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident while on an Uber (or other ride-share) trip, right after you document everything and seek medical attention, there’s a third step to take. You need to find a professional lawyer with a strong reputation for winning damages for their clients.

At Elrod Pope, we have the local know-how and experience to help you with an Uber car accident case in South Carolina. You can find answers to common car accident FAQs on our website. You can also get in contact with us at any point for a free consultation.

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If you’ve been in a car accident, you need the right legal representation to ensure you’re not left with out-of-pocket medical expenses years after your accident. If the accident happened while you were in an uber, it’s even more important you get the right support since this is such a new and untested area of the law.

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