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Numerous development and construction projects are underway in South Carolina. As a result, the number of dump trucks transporting construction materials on the roads has been increasing.

Dump truck accidents almost always result in severe injuries or death due to the significant force of their impact.

If you or a loved one has been in a dump truck accident in South Carolina, you may be entitled to significant compensation. At Elrod Pope Law Firm, we can help you recover the total amount for damages you incur in a dump truck accident. Call our truck accident lawyers in Rock Hill to begin your case.

What Risks are Associated with Dump Trucks?

Several weaknesses cause dump trucks to be a significant threat to other pedestrians, motorists, and on-site workers. These include:

  • Blind spots: Like most big trucks, dumping vehicles have blind spots in their structural design that cause them not to have a complete view of the road. For example, the right side of a dump truck blocks the driver’s lane view when making lane changes.
  • Height: The significant height of dump trucks can block other drivers from viewing roads and stop signs.
  • Unstable center of gravity: The heavy loads dump trucks carry make them likely to tip over and spill loose material on other vehicles or the road when making sharp corners at high speeds
  • Driver fatigue: Dump truck drivers work for long hours without getting enough sleep, making them likelier to fall asleep behind the wheel

What Serious Injuries Can You Sustain from a Dump Truck Accident?

The size and weight of a dump truck makes the injuries from a collision more severe. Even sturdy vehicles are likely to be crushed under a dump truck due to the other’s tall carriage. That means injuries can be near-fatal for anyone. Examples include:

  • Head injuries: Concussions, brain bleed, skull fractures and brain stem injuries
  • Back injuries: Neck sprains, spinal cord injuries, and herniated discs
  • Internal organ damage: Liver, kidney, and spleen damage
  • Severe burns: First, second, and third-degree burns should vehicles ignite

Which Forms of Negligence Can Lead to a Dump Truck Crash?

All commercial truck drivers must exercise a particular duty of care while on the road. If the driver is employed or the truck is leased from the manufacturer, this duty also extends to the employer and part manufacturer.

Here are the forms of negligence actions various parties in a dump truck crash can be held liable for:

Truck drivers

A dump truck driver can be liable for damages caused by an accident with another motorist or pedestrian if their negligent actions directly contributed to the accident. Such actions include texting or calling (distracted driving), overspeeding, DUI or DWI, and sleeping behind the wheel. Drivers may also be held responsible for blatantly ignoring traffic signs or rules.


Under the vicarious liability doctrine, an employer can be liable for a dump truck crash for torts committed by full-time and contracted employees. Examples of acts of negligence an employee can be responsible for after a dump truck accident include hiring inexperienced drivers, lack of proper vehicle servicing, and overworking drivers.

Part manufacturers

If the truck is on a lease from a manufacturer and an accident occurs, the part manufacturer can be held liable for a truck accident. The part manufacturer can also be held responsible for a truck accident caused by a faulty or outdated part installed during the vehicle’s manufacturing, even if they don’t own the truck at the moment of the accident.

What Settlement Can You Get for a Dump Truck Accident?

You could get a settlement from a truck driver, employer, or vehicle part manufacturer if their negligent actions caused an accident. The average settlement for a dump truck accident varies, depending on the unique details of your case. However, the compensation you receive from a dump truck accident settlement may cater for:

  • Medical bills: In- and out-patient care, medication, and rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost wages: Income lost for the duration you’re out of work, healing your wounds
  • Pain and suffering: Emotional and physical anguish caused by the injuries
  • Property damage: Physical belongings during the accident, including content inside the vehicle
  • Permanent disfigurement or disability: Injuries that alter appearance or ability to work long-term
  • Wrongful death: Expenses arising from your or a loved one’s death after a dump truck accident

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FAQs About Dump Truck Accidents

Why do I need a dump truck accident lawyer?

A lawyer also represents you if a fair settlement fails to be offered to you and the case goes to court.

What can I do after a dump truck accident to increase my chances of compensation?

If you’re in a position to, collect as much photographic and physical evidence (e.g., from accident scene witnesses). Document your injuries as well, including the recovery process afterward.

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