Truck Accidents in Indian Land, South Carolina

In the United States large trucks are involved in less than 4% of all motor vehicle accidents. However, any error by the driver of these road mammoths is responsible for one-quarter of all large truck accidents.

Additionally, a truck accident is three times more likely to cause death, and almost 80% of people killed in accidents with large trucks were the people in the other motor vehicle.

The Indian Land, South Carolina truck accident lawyers at Elrod Pope can assist you if you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler or other large truck. We can work to assist you in receiving the monetary compensation you and your family deserve.

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We will ensure you have a basic understanding of Indian Land, South Carolina truck accidents so you understand your rights. As you will see, a truck accident claim in South Carolina can be a complex legal matter.

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Indian Land, South Carolina?

Discovering what caused your accident can, at times, be difficult because there are many factors that could cause a truck accident. It requires determination and hard work to discover who the true at-fault party or parties are.

Some of the most common causes of truck accidents include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Cargo Overloads: in some cases, companies will overload their trucks which can make it difficult for the driver to maneuver the vehicle. Overloaded cargo also can make the truck unsafe which makes the truck more prone to be involved in an accident.
  2. Defective Vehicle: Some of the trucks on the road in Indian Land, South Carolina are old, while other trucks may have defective, poorly manufactured parts, or are the parts are badly designed. This represents a significant danger to drivers on the road.
  3. Distracted Drivers: Truck drivers can be distracted by many things including their GPS, cell phone, and/or paperwork. Driving a large truck requires full attention, and when the truck driver’s attention is diverted, it could lead to an accident.
  4. Drivers Under the Influence: Sometimes drivers are tired and may take some type of stimulant or other drugs so they can stay awake. In other cases, the truck driver may have been drinking or using illegal drugs. Drivers who are suffering the effects of such actions could lead to a devastating accident.
  5. Tired Drivers: Some trucking companies set unrealistic schedules for their truck drivers. What this means is that some drivers must drive their trucks for periods of time that are not safe or go without much sleep or rest. A tired driver will have reduced reaction times and can put you or a loved one in danger.

Who Has Liability in an Indian Land, South Carolina Truck Accident?

Truck accidents can be quite complex because sometimes it requires a lot of investigative work to determine the source of your accident.

All or any of the following parties could be at fault for your truck accident:

  1. Designer and Maintainers of a Defective Road: The road your South Carolina truck accident occurred on could be designed poorly, or not maintained properly resulting in a condition that is unsafe which resulted in your truck accident.
  2. Designer of the Tractor-Trailer: The design of the truck itself could be flawed or defective in some way that makes the truck unsafe to be operated.
  3. Freight Owner: If the trucking company and/or driver wasn’t given vital information about the cargo, it may affect how the truck handles and cause an accident.
  4. Loading Company: The cargo that goes into a tractor-trailer must be loaded properly, secured, and balanced. If the cargo isn’t loaded properly, then the cargo could fall, shift, or tip-over the truck which could result in a serious truck accident.
  5. Manufacturers of the Truck Parts: There may be times when truck parts are being manufactured that a defect can come up in the mechanical or electrical components. These defects can cause serious truck accidents.
  6. Shipping Companies: The company that is responsible for shipping the cargo could be found to be at fault for your accident.
  7. Truck Company: The company responsible for hiring, supervising, and training truck drivers could be responsible for your accident. If the truck drivers were poorly trained or a driver was told to operate beyond the hours of service, this could be due to the negligent actions of the truck company.
  8. Truck Drivers: If the truck driver was distracted, careless, driving while intoxicated, and/or driving beyond the hours-of-service regulations, then the truck driver could be at fault for the accident.
  9. Truck Owners: The truck owners may have certain practices that could involve the maintenance or driving issues both of which could be responsible for your truck accident.

Comparative Negligence in Indian Land, South Carolina

South Carolina has a comparative negligence law that does allow you to receive monetary compensation for your truck accident as long as your contribution to the cause of the accident was less than 50%. Many times, cases are settled during the negotiation process and a lawsuit isn’t necessary.

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Why Do I Need a Indian Land, South Carolina Attorney for a Truck Accident?

As you may have realized, truck accident claims are extremely complicated, and you will need an experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable attorney in your corner to ensure you receive all the monetary compensation you and your loved ones deserve. Contact the truck accident attorneys at Elrod Pope today to find out how we can assist you in settling your case in a timely manner so you can focus on moving forward with your life.


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