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I Was Hit By A Student Driver!

Or, alternatively, maybe you are the student driver. If you are involved in a car accident involving a student driver in South Carolina you should call a car accident lawyer right away. The Elrod Pope Law Firm tackles complicated legal cases every day. Our firm handles car accident cases throughout Rock Hill, Lake Wylie, and Lancaster. 

Accidents can happen to good and bad drivers alike. Someone who is just learning to drive might think they are automatically at fault in the event of a wreck. A trained lawyer will tell you that things are not always so simple. The facts of the case will determine who is at fault. The experts at Elrod Pope can help you figure out what to do if you are involved in a wreck.

Who is Responsible? Student or Instructor? 

South Carolina student drivers have to pay attention to traffic laws just like any other motorist. The rules of the road apply to supervised student drivers and longtime drivers. Student drivers are responsible for car wrecks they cause when they fail to pay attention to traffic rules. That means that a student driver can be sued for causing an accident under these circumstances. Only an experienced car accident attorney can give you expert advice in a car wreck situation. It is crucial that you get help from one before you take legal action. 

Instructors Insurance Companies Can Be Held Accountable

Driving instructors must do their job properly. Extra caution comes with the territory. An instructor whose student causes a wreck can partially be held responsible. That is because the driving teacher’s job is to warn the student of any danger on the road and make sure they operate the car safely. This means that a careless driving instructor can be sued for not paying attention just as a carless student driver can be sued. 

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Car accidents are tricky, and student driver wrecks are no different. Elrod Pope Law Firm gives expert advice on accident laws in South Carolina. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can make all the difference. Call today at 803-599-3080.

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