Personal Injury Claims Process: Here’s What You Need To Know

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They call it a personal injury claims process because it is exactly that: a process. As much as you may need the money, cases take time to reach settlement agreements. It is unrealistic to expect that you could get your money in a matter of weeks. The insurance company has little incentive to give you everything that you deserve right off the bat.

You need a lawyer on your side during the personal injury process. There are simply too many ways that you can go wrong on your own without an experienced attorney. The insurance company knows how to take advantage of these mistakes, so the key is not to make them. An attorney knows all the tricks that an insurance company will use to save money at your expense. They will also be your guide to the personal injury process, and they will work to safeguard your legal rights. Your lawyer will take quite a bit off your plate during a difficult time.

Settlements Can Take Time; Don’t Rush

Finally, you do not need to rush to take what is offered to you during the claims process. This is essentially one large negotiation where you are presenting a demand for payment. In turn, the insurance company is making you an offer. The ultimate decision maker would be a court, and the insurance company tries to settle in order to stay out of litigation. They do not have the final say about what you could receive, but they can make the process more difficult.

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Personal Injury Claims FAQ

How can a lawyer help with my personal injury claim?

Your lawyer can evaluate your case, explain your legal options, and help you file the claim.

Can I afford a personal injury attorney?

You do not need to pay out of pocket for a lawyer, and no cash is necessary to get legal help. A reputable lawyer will not get paid unless your case settles in or out of court.

When is the best time to call a lawyer?

As soon as possible after your accident.

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