Pedestrian Accidents

When a pedestrian is struck by a car or truck, the pedestrian (obviously) is at greater risk of suffering significant injuries. Investigating these cases may require the use of one or more expert witnesses who can examine the injuries of the pedestrian and the damage to the driver’s car and determine whether the damage to the car is consistent with a pedestrian crash that would have produced the type of injuries seen in the pedestrian.

Depending on the speed of the vehicle, where and how the pedestrian is hit, and where the pedestrian lands, injuries can range in severity from small bruises and cuts to severe traumatic brain injuries. It is crucial that injured pedestrians receive immediate medical attention following a pedestrian crash if they suspect they may have suffered a head or neck injury.

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In pedestrian accident cases, the pedestrian’s own behavior will be scrutinized to determine if he or she contributed to the crash. Failing to follow traffic control devices, wearing dark clothing at night, not looking before crossing the street, or walking while focused on his or her cellphone are all examples of behavior that can be found to be “careless” and result in a reduction of the compensation award to which the pedestrian would have otherwise been entitled. Having a South Carolina pedestrian accident attorney’s assistance can help the pedestrian maximize his or her potential recovery.


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