Is It Worth Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer?

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When it comes to your injury compensation, a DIY approach will do you no favors. Some people think they can save themselves some money by handling their own claim. This overlooks statistics that show that people who have lawyers do far better in the personal injury process than self-represented plaintiffs, even after accounting for the attorney’s share of their recovery.

If you handle your own case, you may not even be in a position to receive compensation in the first place. You may make a critical mistake when dealing with the insurance company that could undercut your argument that someone else was at fault. Then, you may not know how to prove negligence in your case. An attorney knows what evidence you need to show that you are entitled to money, and they understand how to gather it.

Your Attorney Handles the Insurance Company

Then, a lawyer can deal with the insurance company when negotiating a settlement agreement. The average person has no idea how much their claim is worth. They may take the first offer that the insurance company makes because they are happy to get money. They do this not knowing that the insurance company can offer you far more than their initial offer. A lawyer will know what your claim is worth and advise you to reject a settlement that does not fairly pay you. They will then counter the insurance company and demand what you really deserve. This is not something that the average person has the expertise to do.

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Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ

Does it cost anything to hire a lawyer?

You do not need to pay anything out of pocket, and we are only paid if you win.

When should I hire an attorney?

You should have legal help as soon as possible after your injury.

How long does it take to receive a settlement?

It all depends on your case, and this largely depends on how reasonable the insurance company is.

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