Possible Causes of Your Headache After a Chester, SC Auto Accident

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Headaches have a wide range of possible causes, even if you haven’t been recently injured. Yet if you have a headache after an auto accident in Chester, South Carolina, you are not alone. Many people experience headaches related to auto accident injuries. The trouble is that they frequently overlook the symptoms, assuming that it’s just an ordinary headache or a natural symptom of having been in a collision. They often don’t realize that headaches following an auto accident can be an indicator of a serious problem. There are post-traumatic headaches, concussion headaches, muscle strain headaches, and migraine headaches that either start or become worse and more frequent with an auto accident. It is essential to seek treatment for any headache that follows a motor vehicle collision, because you may need to factor this into your settlement negotiations with the auto insurance company. Today, we’re going to look at the various causes of headaches after auto accidents in Chester, South Carolina, and what you need to do if you experience any of them.


Chester, South Carolina, Auto Accident Injuries Can Cause Post-Traumatic Headaches

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Whenever a Chester, South Carolina, auto accident results in injuries to the head, neck, or shoulders, it is common for the victim to experience what is known as a post-traumatic headache. Sometimes, these headaches do not present right away. They can be caused by the pain radiating from other areas until it affects the head. For this reason, if you experience a headache that comes along with stiffness, soreness, or tenderness in other areas of your body, or if you get a headache after your head strikes or is struck by an object, this could be the cause. It is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to identify the source of the headache and determine whether or not other, more serious, injuries are present and potentially causing a post-traumatic headache.

Chester, South Carolina, Auto Accidents Can Cause Severe Concussion Headaches

Concussions are among the most frequently seen injuries in Chester, South Carolina auto accidents. A concussion happens when the brain is shaken inside of the skull, often impacting the skull, due to a forceful impact. They can range from mild to severe. Milder concussions may cause a post-traumatic headache, while more severe concussions can come with a wide range of symptoms, including a serious headache. If you have a severe concussion, you can expect to experience dizziness, nausea and vomiting, vision disturbance, dilated pupils, general confusion, and disrupted balance and motor skills. Some people may slur their words, and their confusion is often quite apparent. In some cases, the person loses consciousness for a period of time and wakes up disoriented. Many people experience a powerful sense of fatigue when they have a severe concussion.

Unfortunately, it is common for someone to fail to seek treatment for this kind of headache because of the fatigue and confusion. They cannot think clearly and they may want nothing more than to fall asleep and stay asleep. The victim may or may not complain about the headache, and they may need the input of someone else to notice that something is seriously wrong. If you suspect that you have a serious concussion headache or that someone else has a concussion, it is important to get medical treatment and observation right away. The person with the severe concussion should not drive, however. If you suspect that you are dealing with a concussion, ask someone else to give you a ride to the ER.

Chester, South Carolina, Auto Accident Injuries Can Cause Muscle Strain Headaches

Another common injury that is associated with Chester, South Carolina, auto accidents is whiplash. Whiplash happens when your head is slammed forward and back again on your neck, causing trauma and strain for your neck muscles. This is the most common cause of muscle strain headaches and post-traumatic headaches. Many other injuries can cause muscle strain headaches as well. They are typically identified by the headache pain being centralized in the base of the skull. They result from the tension and reduce range of motion that comes with muscle strain injuries.

A Chester, South Carolina, Auto Accident Injury Can Cause Pinched Nerve Headaches

Pinched nerves often occur with auto accident injuries in Chester, South Carolina. They happen when the accident causes injuries that put pressure on any nerve. The symptoms include numbness and tingling, weakness, and loss of functioning in any part of your body. You may also notice that the pain shoots down a leg or an arm, depending on where the pinched nerve happens to be. Pinched nerve headaches are often an indication that there is a more serious problem that needs to be addressed by a doctor. Pinched nerves can cause long-term pain and life disruption, especially with a headache.

A Chester, South Carolina, Auto Accident Can Cause Migraine Headaches to Start or Grow Worse

If you are someone who experiences migraine headaches on a regular basis, then you may not think that your post-auto accident migraine has anything to do with your auto accident injuries. Yet it is entirely possible for the auto accident to cause your migraines to become worse or more frequent. If you have never had a migraine before the accident, then you are certain to notice that this is no normal headache when it happens. It can cause sensitivity to light and sound along with tremendous and disabling pain. If you experience a migraine headache after an auto accident, seek treatment with a doctor as soon as you can. They can give you something to help with the pain and also make sure that you don’t have any other injuries that are contributing to the migraine headache.

A Chester, South Carolina, Auto Accident Victim Can Recover Compensation for Headaches

In cases where your headache ends up being a symptom of another serious injury after a Chester, South Carolina, auto accident, you will be able to seek compensation for the injuries and the impact of the headache. Even if your auto accident simply results in ongoing migraine headaches, you may be able to recover compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve endured. Contact Elrod Pope Law Firm to learn more about what kinds of injuries and headache symptoms are eligible for compensation.

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