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In today’s economy, no one wants to be out of work especially if you’ve been injured on the job. Without income, you can’t provide for your family. Bills pile up, creditors call day and night, and stress and anxiety mount making recovery from your injury even more difficult. Thankfully, workers’ compensation insurance is there to help get you through, but obtaining your rightfully deserved benefits can often be a difficult process.

Imagine this scenario: You have been out of work for just over two months with a severely broken leg, an injury which occurred while you were on the job. You have had surgery on the leg and are scheduled to return to work in another two months. You are two months behind on your mortgage, utilities, and credit cards, and the workers’ compensation insurance company has offered you a lump cash settlement that is just enough to cover those outstanding bills and perhaps put a little extra in the bank.

With all the stress you are under, this is a tantalizing offer. It would bring your bills current, and give you a little room to breathe. But what you might not realize, and what an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you understand, is that the full effect of injuries take time to show up. You may need continued treatment on your leg for months and months to come, possibly even additional treatments like physical and occupational therapy. What if your health insurance won’t cover those? Who will pay for them? And what about your lost wages?

All of these things are factors that an attorney will take into account when they negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Remember: what the insurance company is willing to pay may not be what’s best in the long run for you. Let the experienced professionals at The Elrod Pope Law Firm focus on the details so that you can focus on what matters most during this difficult time – your recovery, your family, and yourself.

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