What are the Most Dangerous Jobs for US Workers?

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There are many dangerous jobs in the United States that result in a high incidence of workplace injuries and fatalities. The most dangerous jobs are considered as such because they have the highest likelihood of fatality. Some work conditions are more likely than others to result in serious injury or death, such as those working with heavy machinery, working odd hours, or who drive for their jobs. The following occupations are the most hazardous for US workers.

Transportation Industry Jobs

The transportation industry includes any worker whose job includes transporting people or objects from one place to another. This includes commercial truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, and chauffeurs. They are at greatest risk for auto accident injuries and deaths. For those who transport people, like taxi drivers, there is also a greater risk of robbery and murder.

Agricultural Industry Jobs

Agricultural industry jobs are risky at many levels and include ranchers, farmers, and other associated workers. Those who work in this profession are at highest risk from heavy machinery accidents and auto accident injuries and deaths.

Construction Industry Jobs

Construction industry jobs are another occupation which involves dangerous machinery and conditions. These jobs also tend to involve heights, which can result in falls from scaffolding or roofs, and such accidents are often fatal.

Aircraft Industry Jobs

In jobs that involve the aircraft industry, such as flight engineers and pilots, are at risk of injury and death caused by the use of such heavy machinery, unsafe weather conditions, and various other risks associated with operating or working on an aircraft.

Logging Industry Jobs

The reason that those who work in the logging industry are considered to be in one of the most dangerous professions is because these workers have a high likelihood of becoming injured or killed by dangerous equipment. They also work in all kinds of weather, which can create further hazards. It is possible for loggers to be harmed by machinery, by falls, and by being crushed.

Waste and Recycling Industry Jobs

Those who work in the waste and recycling industry, such as garbage collectors and recycling plant workers are at risk of auto accidents on the job and injuries caused by the machinery used. They are also at risk for being exposed to hazardous waste materials.

Power Line Industry Jobs

Anyone who works in the power line industry is at risk of electrocution injuries or falling from height injuries. Both of these types of injuries can lead to death.

Fishing Industry Jobs

Workers in the fishing industry are also at risk of being harmed by the machinery that they work with, as well as the perils of unsafe weather conditions.

Iron/Steel Industry Jobs

In the iron/steel industry, workers are at most risk for slip/trip and fall injuries, including falls from heights, which are often fatal to the worker.

Sales Industry Jobs 

The sales industry is strongly linked with transportation because many in the sales industry travel extensively. These workers are also at a greater risk for work related auto accidents.

Other Dangerous Jobs

Other jobs that are considered to be more dangerous than most include maintenance and repair occupations, electricians, mechanics, and public service occupations, like police officers and fire fighters who put their lives at risk in many ways. The most common sources of risk in many of these occupations and industries can be found in the use of heavy machinery and tools, working at heights, working in dangerous weather, and work related auto accidents.

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