Common Workplace Accidents in Workers’ Comp Cases

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When people think of workplace accidents, they often think about the most famously dangerous occupations, such as commercial fishing and construction. While those industries see a high number of workplace injuries – construction workers suffer the highest number of fatal workplace injuries of all industries – there are many injuries that occur in work settings most people don’t think of as dangerous. This includes office jobs and driving jobs, while also including obviously risky work such as in construction, manufacturing, and other occupations.

Talk to A Qualified Rock Hill Workers’ Compensation Attorney If You Have Been Injured On the Job

If you have been hurt on the job in the Rock Hill area, you should talk to an attorney with experience handling workers’ compensation claims. While the workers’ compensation system is supposed to be a simple means of obtaining compensation for workplace injuries without resorting to the courts, that isn’t always how it works out. If you were injured at work, talk to Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys and find out how they can help.

Workplace Accident FAQs

What are the leading causes of workplace injuries?

Among the top causes of workplace injuries are some surprises. Repetitive motion injuries are the most common of all workplace injuries and often the most costly. Other top workplace injuries include falls from heights, falling objects, traffic accidents, slips and fall accidents, and overexertion injuries.

What are the most dangerous industries?

This depends on how you want to describe “dangerous.” While construction workers see the most workplace deaths, the combination of agriculture, fishing, hunting, and forestry has the highest rate of deaths per 100,000 employees. Government employees suffer the most nonfatal injuries and illnesses resulting in lost days of work, and transportation and warehouse employees have the highest rate of injury and illness rate resulting in days away from work.

Does the type of workplace injury I suffer affect my ability to recover compensation?

In a word, no. If you suffer an injury at work in the course of your duties, you are entitled to compensation. This includes medical expenses and payments for time lost from work due to injury, as well as long-term or permanent disability compensation if necessary.

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