Can I Choose My Own Doctor when Going Through Workers’ Compensation?

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If you’ve been injured on the job in Rock Hill, you may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation for your injuries. This compensation can provide for medical expenses and perhaps even lost income. However, South Carolina has very stringent rules regarding the workers’ compensation system. One of those is that you can only see doctors that have been approved by the insurance company. If you don’t, you could be barred from receiving any compensation at all. 


How to Find a Doctor for a Work Injury

If you have a family doctor that you trust and have seen for a long time, you can see them for your workers’ compensation injury. You can also see them if you don’t agree with the insurance company’s doctor and want a second opinion. The insurance company likely won’t pay for these expenses, though, so it’s important to know that before making your appointment. 

As soon as possible after sustaining the injury, make sure you report the accident to your employer in writing. They will notify the insurance company and the insurer will tell them what doctor they want you to see. This is the doctor you will see for the rest of your treatment, unless they refer you to a specialist, in which case it can become rather complicated. 

If the approved doctor wants to send you to someone else for treatment, they must forward that recommendation and a medical report to the insurance company. An insurance adjuster will then review the recommendations and determine whether they will approve the course of treatment recommended. This happens during every phase of treatment, and the adjuster’s approval is always required. 


The Nurse Case Manager

To expedite the process, some insurance companies hire nurse case managers. These individuals are typically registered nurses and will act as the middle man between your physician and the insurance company. They will report on your injuries, recommended treatment options, and your treatment progress. 

Nurse case managers sometimes try to attend doctor’s appointments with injured workers. It’s very important that you do not allow this. You have the right to privacy during your appointments, and the insurance companies and anyone working for them have the responsibility to ensure you have it. 


Continue with Appointments

There’s a good chance the approved doctor will want to see you more than once. It’s crucial you keep all appointments, and follow all recommended treatments the doctor suggests. If you don’t, the insurance company will likely argue that your injuries are not as bad as you said they were, and they’ll use that to deny your claim. 

After every doctor appointment, also call your attorney to inform them of any advances in treatment, what the doctor said, and how your injuries are healing. 


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